Rozkład Jazdy PKP – Help


Please familiarize yourself with the help section of the website containing information on its functionalities. After moving the cursor over the selected section of the website a message will be displayed.

  1. allows you to search connections: between two stations, e.g. with the option to go through an intermediate station, based on departure/arrival station (departures and arrivals board) and based on train numbers. You can also plan your journey by indicating a spot on the map. The system will store the last searched towns.

  2. With a special map you can monitor the current situation on the railways. At the same time the information is presented in search results.

  3. Section with messages facilitating railway journeys, such as information on carriers, mobile applications, maps of railways, etc.

  4. Description of the main railway stations in Poland, incl. maps, service outlets, history, etc.

  5. Description of Bilkom mobile application containing data from the website and enabling you to plan your railway journey

  6. Contact details of railway carriers in Poland.

  7. Connections may be searched for as the direct train between two towns or using “Add intermediate town” function. By choosing this option, you can plan your trip with a change of trains or determine its duration.

  8. Time may be entered with keyboard by clicking the time field or changed with hour/minute arrows. Trip may be planned by giving the time of departure from the departure station or the time of arrival to the final station.

  9. Selection of additional connection options - additional options allow you to better personalize you connection. You can select a direct connection, a train with seats for persons with children and/or with bicycle transport option, as well as choose a connection based on the type of transport or carrier.

  10. Information relevant for passengers.

  11. Information service for passengers regarding carriers, offers, changes and other events related to railway travels.