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Kraków Central Station
ul. Pawia 5a, 31-154 Kraków

Location:Początek strony

The station placed entirely under the platforms is situated in the city centre. The station is accessible:
•    from each platform;
•    from Bosacka street, where the bus station is located;
•    via the shopping arcade Galeria Krakowska;
•    from the fast tram tunnel - Dworzec Kraków Główny stop
and also on foot from Jana Nowaka Jeziorańskiego square walking down the west ramp towards “Magda” tunnel.

Public Transport:Początek strony

Public transport: in close proximity of the building, from Bosacka street, there is an MDA bus station. Next to the station, under the rail system, there is a fast tram stop — Dworzec Kraków Główny. There you can find trams no. 50 and no. 5. From Pawia street, in front of Galeria Krakowska, there are trams no. 3 and a night tram no. 69.

Taxi:Początek strony

The taxi rank is situated in the car park above the platforms (level 1).

WiFi:Początek strony

In selected places at the station you can use the Wi-Fi network free of charge (_PKP_WIFI).

Tickets:Początek strony

At the station there are 28 ticket windows offering services of all carriers.

ticket machines

Office:Początek strony

The station’s new office — tel.: (+48 12) 393 12 34, e-mail:, open Monday to Sunday between 7:00 and 21:00

Station services:Początek strony

Cafés, cake shops, groceries, salad and sandwich bars, open from 6:00 to 22:00.

Toilets:Początek strony

Toilets are open 24 hours a day.

Information:Początek strony

If a person of limited mobility needs help at the station, he/she needs to inform an operator about it at least 48 hours before the start of the journey in one of following ways:

1) informing an employee working in the ticket window when buying a ticket,

2) calling the 24h helpline 19-757,

3) by sending an e-mail to the following address:

4) via a special form available on the website of PKP Intercity

Through security employees of the station, PKP S.A. provides help within the scope of moving around the station (the list of railway stations where such help is offered may be found below), including platforms and underground passages. Security employees and train staff also help people having difficulties with entering and leaving a train.

It is also possible to ask for help in moving around the station by calling  22 474 13 13 or sending an e-mail to the e-mail address: – the security employees at the given railway station will be ready to help you within 15-20 minutes.

Access and availability of the station
The facility has been adapted for the disabled.
Persons on wheelchairs can enter the station’s building into the shopping arcade area:
•    through the main entrance from Bosacka street, where the bus station is located;
•    from Pawia street through Galeria Krakowska,
•    on foot from Jana Nowaka Jeziorańskiego square walking down the west ramp towards “Magda” tunnel.
•    from the fast tram tunnel - Dworzec Kraków Główny stop
Each platform can be accessed from the main hall via 5 passenger lifts connecting all levels of the station – the main hall, mezzanine, platforms and the car park. This route can also be used by the disabled persons, who arrive at the station in motor vehicles left in the car park under the platforms.
The station is equipped with floor markings for blind and visually impaired people to facilitate moving around the building.
There are 15 escalators and 10 lifts that facilitate movement between the station level and platforms. Moreover, the lifts run to the car park level above the platforms.

History:Początek strony

Kraków Główny is the first such modern underground station in Poland. It will replace the building of the historic Cracow Main Station dating from 1847. Situated in the city centre, well communicated with platforms and the car park above, the bus station and the Cracow fast tram, the station proves to be a perfect transfer node.
Inside, passengers will find 28 ticket windows, 4 ticket machines, Customer Service Centre and three waiting rooms, toilets (incl. toilets for the disabled), and also special rooms for mothers with a child. The station is fully adapted for the disabled (e.g. leading lines with attention fields, lowered ticket windows, lifts). Apart from passenger service, also business establishments were included, represented by a wide range of lines of business and services. The station includes many cafés, restaurants, shops and service outlets. The building is not only a railway station, but also a place, where you can get in a stock of provisions for the journey or do the shopping.
The construction work at the Cracow underground station began at the end of 2010. The building was made available for passangers on 15 February 2014.

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Dostępność peronów:

Dostępność peronów
  • Dostęp na peron za pomocą pochylni/podjazdu
  • Dostęp na peron za pomocą windy/platformy pionowej
    - na peron 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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